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for the mother-to-be

Pregnancy is the perfect time for some extra pampering and relaxation. We offer a package designed to soothe mothers-to-be and to treat the aches that often accompany pregnancy.


Mother-To-Be Package | $237

Mother-To-Be Massage | 60 Minutes

Designed to nurture both mother and baby, this gentle massage will leave you feeling calm and centered. During your service, a body cushion or down pillows will be used to ensure your comfort.

Mother-To-Be Milk Bath | 45 Minutes

Designed to relieve itching and tummy dryness. The skin soothing properties of organic milk combined with organic oils create a heavenly-scented, relaxing bath all mothers-to-be deserve.

Ritual Pedicure | 50 Minutes

A truly wonderful pedicure that will leave your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated. It begins with a relaxing soak, then an exfoliation and mask, followed by a foot and leg massage. The treatment concludes with your choice of polishing or buffing.

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